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Who is Palm Beach Coins, LLC?
Our firm specializes in higher graded, certified mint state and proof coins. Most coins are graded by PCGS or NGC. Our inventory of Half Dollars include Walking Liberty, Bust, Reeded Edge, Standing Liberty, Seated Liberty and Franklins in grades from MS63 to MS68 and PR64 to PR69. A limited supply of Indian Eagle and St. Gaudens gold coins are in stock. Three Cent, Shield and Buffalo Nickels gem specimens are also available. Several Barber Dimes, Barber Quarters, and various commemorative gold and platinum bullion coins are currently in our inventory. Many coins have Cameo and Deep Cameo quality.
Our coin inventory is designed in the following order: by denomination, date, mint mark, grading service and grade. A short description follows with the purchase price. Each investment grade coin has a photo that can be enlarged by clicking on the image.

February, 2010
In response to rising gold value, we have recently increased the selling price of some gold coins and bullion. Because the value of gold changes almost daily, we ask that you call (561-626-3103, extention 101) or email (al@pbcoins.com) to verify that the prices.

We had a run on the majority of our Platinum coins. Our entire stock, except for two coins, was purchased in less than two weeks! Could this be a halo effect from gold value rising?

Also, I have seen an unexplained increase in interest in 1951 Franklins lately. I wonder if they are becoming a little scarce. For the interested, we have two under $400 and four over $400.

October 1 , 2007
Happy October! This is a quick note just to say that we have posted dozens of Lincoln cents, from 1909 to 1960. I will be linking individual photos to them this week, so if you need to see the coin, just check back within the week. These are raw, so you can find them here, in the Coin Dealers and Collectors website.

September 4, 2007
Just received a very nice consignment of raw, uncertified coins (with photos) in many denominations and grades. Of particular interest to many of our friends will be a 1909-S VDB Wheat penny, a 1913-D "Three Legged" Buffalo nickel, and a 1916-D Mercury Dime at VG+ quality. We have these, plus many raw Seated, Standing & Walking Libertys and Barber coins, among others. They are posted at our sister site, Coin Dealers & Collectors, because CD&C deal exclusively with unslabbed coins.. Click here for an Excel sheet of the new listings; or if you don't have Excel, click here for a web page version of it.

August 20, 2007
Over the weekend we picked up an excellent Standing Liberty Quarter. We also created a convenient button link to our Modern graded coins, which can be found below the Platinum link on the left.

August 10, 2007
Just in time for the weekend! We have posted a beautiful Standing Liberty Quarter, a stongly toned Seated Liberty Half Dime, an AU55 Seated Liberty Dollar and an 1885-S $20 Gold Liberty Head with Motto. We also picked up five 1957 Franklins, from PR68 CAM to regular PR68.

We've been getting alot of calls from collectors looking for specific coins.
We have been directing them to our sister website; Coin Dealers & Collectors, where they input their requests for many different demominations of wanted coins. Check it out!

August 8, 2007
We just received a shipment of 18 Franklins and 19 Gold coins this week.
The Franklins range from 1948 MS66 to a 1961 PCGS PR 69. There is a wide variety of value for every collector; from $104 to $383.

Purchasing & Delivery
Purchases can be made with PayPal, Certified Check or Money Order. Currently, we do not handle credit cards. Your coins will be shipped via FedEx or Certified US Mail. Optional insurance may be purchased separately. Palm Beach Coins is not responsible for any losses on uninsured coins.
Palm Beach Coins can help you sell your coins. Many individuals do not have the ability to sell their coins on the internet. Our firm can add your certified coins to our inventory for sale. Please contact Al DeMott for the details.
Occasionally our staff receives offers to purchase coins at very reasonable prices. By obtaining approval as a registered investor as these coins become available you will be contacted with the purchase price, proposed resale price and an explanation of the transaction. Please contact Al DeMott for further information.
As members of PCGS, our staff can assist you in having your ungraded coins certified by the most recognized grading service in the industry.

Palm Beach Coins, LLC did very well at the July Summer of FUN show which was held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. We sold over $30,000 of extremely high end coins. Our primary mover was Franklin half dollars, which we have an abundance of in Proof cameo and MS FBL. They are proving to be very popular this year.

While this was FUN's (Florida United Numismatists) first time hosting a summer show in Palm Beach County, some dealers were a little disappointed with the turn-out. We don't have the official count yet, but from first hand observation we can report that Thursday, the first day, brought out dealers and buyers in droves, while Friday was relatively quiet and Saturday was definately for the public as they easily doubled Friday's attendance.

We made good contacts with dealers, buyers and investors. Shortly, we will be posting Proof sets and Mint sets as well as some Library of coin books on this site for purchase.